Five Oaks Associates offers a wide variety of commercial construction services. To see photos of the services below, visit our Projects page.


Our experience and ability to work in infection controlled environments has allowed us to competitively complete several medical projects. We have built and renovated various medical facilities in the Mid-MO area. Much of our medical work has been done for the medical center complex at the University of Missouri, which includes an MRI facility, medical science labs and a hybrid operating room. We have also completed a blood lab and endoscopy suite at Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and loading docks at Boone Hospital Center.

View Completed Projects
  • Audrain Medical Center
  • UMC Lefevre Hall – Renovate Rooms 216, 218 & 220
  • UMC Medical Science Pharmacology
  • Audrain Medical Center – MRI Upgrade and Suite Renovations
  • Columbia Regional Hospital – Endoscopy Relocation
  • Mid- MO MHC – Site Signage
  • UMC CRHJ 1st Floor Laboratory Expansion/Renovation
  • MU Research Reactor (MURR) – ICP-MS Lab
  • UMC McHaney Hall – 1st Floor Burn/Wound Finishes Renovations
  • UMC Connaway Hall Renovation of Existing Vivarium Space into ABSL-2 Space
  • UMC Medical Science – Renovate Room M249
  • UMC School of Nursing – Renovate Rooms
  • UMC MUHC 2nd Floor MRI Renovations
  • UMC MUHC – Hybrid OR Renovation
  • UMC Medical Science – Renovate M714 – M718
  • UMC Connaway Hall Renovation of Existing Vivarium Space into ANSL-2 Space
  • Boone Hospital Center – Loading Dock Renovations
  • Family Health Center, Boone County – Addition to Sanford Kimpton Building


5 Oaks has years of experience building for institutions, allowing us to perform beyond expectations for our projects, and our competitive pricing allows us to continue doing so. We have done interior remodels and additions to elementary schools, secondary and higher education facilities, as well as libraries. Some of those locations include the University of Missouri, and the Mexico, Hallsville, Moberly, Paris, Columbia, Jefferson City and Richmond School Districts.

View Completed Projects
  • UMC – Construction Labor Blanket Contract
  • UMC – Reconstruction of Telecom Manhole
  • UMC Middlebush – Renovate Various Rooms for Statistics
  • UMC Tucker Hall – Renovate Rooms 423 & 424
  • UMC Middlebush Hall Auditorium Renovation
  • UMC Rollins Dining – Upgrade Dining Facility
  • UMC Lafferre Hall – Expand 3rd Floor Shell Space
  • UMC Tate Hall – Renovate Classroom 103
  • UMC Memorial Union South – Renovate Lower Level
  • Hallsville High School Additions
  • UMC Technology Incubator – Exterior Step
  • Middle School Facility for Mexico 59 School – New Window Installation
  • UMC Life Science Center – Catalyst Café Exhaust Hood
  • MURR – Renovate Room 231
  • North Park Elementary, Moberly – Ceiling Replacement
  • UMC Arts & Science – Renovate Room 10
  • Paris R-II Schools – Interior/Exterior Renovations
  • UMC Conley Avenue Parking Garage Repairs
  • UMC Eckles Hall – Structural Remediation
  • UMC Whitten Hall – Renovate Various Rooms
  • Columbia Public Schools – Douglass High School Monument Sign
  • UMC Ellis Library – 2nd & 3rd Floor Structural Renovation
  • UMC Mizzou North – 2nd Floor Anthropology Gallery
  • UMC Academic Support Center – Replace Steel Window Frames
  • UMC Mizzou North – 2nd Floor Art & Archaeology
  • UMC Gentry Hall – Renovate Rooms 403, 404 and 404B
  • UMC Mizzou North – Anthropology Casework
  • UMC Chemistry Building – Modify Various Rooms
  • UMC Medical Science – Renovate Suite M714 – M718
  • UMC Jesse Hall – Renovate Suite 401E & 404
  • UMC Thompson Center
  • Hallsville High School Additions
  • Hawthorne Elementary (Mexico, MO) – New Elevator
  • Jefferson City High School/Nichols Career Center – Limited Interior Renovations
  • Missouri River Regional Library – Interior Renovations
  • Moberly Parks & Recreation – Miscellaneous Interior Renovations –Municipal Auditorium
  • Mexico Veterans Home – Renovations
  • Boone County Juvenile Justice Center – Addition
  • Moberly Housing Authority – Duplex
  • Moberly Housing Authority – Roof Replacement in Development MO-01
  • Moberly Parks & Recreation – Miscellaneous Interior Renovations –Municipal Auditorium
  • Moberly Housing Authority – Elevator Improvements
  • PMI – Reality House Renovation
  • Moberly High School – Secured Link
  • Missouri Army National Guard Readiness Center in Chillicothe and Marsahll – Repairs and Renovations
  • Richmond High School –  New Science Lab/Classroom Renovation
  • UMC Telecommunications – Partial Basement Renovation
  • UMC Life Science Business Incubator – Renovate Rooms 127,131 & 132

Historic Renovation

When working with historical renovations, we work carefully to maintain the historical fabric of each structure. We understand the historical significance of the building materials and figure out a way to keep the historic integrity of the structure. We work with owners and architects in assisting archeologist of projects by recording and keeping secure historical artifacts uncovered during construction. 5 Oaks has worked on UMC’s Hickman House in New Franklin, Simmon’s Stable in Mexico, and the Senate Chamber in Jefferson City, Ellis Library at the University of Missouri and the Blind Boone House in Columbia, Missouri.

View Completed Projects
  • Old Hickman House – Historic T.H. Hickman House Rehabilitation & Preservation
  • Simmons Stables Preservation
  • J.W. Blind Boone Residence
  • State of Missouri Senate Chamber Mezzanine Restoration

Light Industrial

Our owner, Gary Dorr, is a licensed professional engineer who started in industrial work. Gary got his start working as a field engineer in the construction of a nuclear power plant. Before starting 5 Oaks, he supervised many projects for brick plants, water plants, water treatment facilities and a paint manufacturing plant. 5 Oaks has completed projects for manufacturing facilities such as Continental Products and Consolidated Electric in Mexico, Cardinal Health in Moberly and Clean Coal at the Thomas Hill Power Plant.

View Completed Projects
  • Consolidated Electric Cooperative – Service Office Renovations
  • Mexico Plastics – High Bay Addition
  • Clean Coal Thomas Hill – Metal Building Additions
  • Cardinal Health – West Additions
  • Cardinal Health Fall Expansion 2016
  • Bur Oak Brewery


5 Oaks’ employees, active in their own churches, are committed to providing churches with quality workmanship and building structures that support and build congregations. We are sensitive to what each congregation wants. We understand the decision making processes churches go through, and accommodate to each church’s unique process. Our company has completed sanctuary renovations and educational spaces for churches such as First Baptist Church Centralia, First Baptist Church Mexico, First Baptist Church Moberly, Coates Street Presbyterian in Moberly, Grace Bible Church in Columbia and LDS churches in Fulton and Moberly.

View Completed Projects
  • First Baptist Church, Mexico – Youth Center Renovation
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Moberly – Addition & Remodel
  • First Baptist Church, Moberly – Building Improvements
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Fulton – Meeting House Remodel & Addition
  • Coates Street Presbyterian Church, Moberly Missouri – Renovate Youth Room
  • First Baptist Church, Centralia – Basement Remodel
  • Grace Bible Church – Exterior
  • First Baptist Church, Centralia – Sanctuary Renovations

Other Projects

  • Boone County Rental Property – Tenant Space Renovations
  • Simmons Stables – Demolition of 4 Bays
  • City of Centralia – Structural Reinforcements for Demolition of Damaged Building
  • Super 8, Columbia – ADA Rooms/Kitchen Remodel
  • Centralia Veterinary Clinic – Corral